Outdoor Screenings

Showing feature films outside, under the stars, on a giant screen.



Show Movies "Anywhere You Can Imagine" - On the side of a warehouse, panel van, silo, in an open lot projected on the wall of an adjacent building, outdoors in a park, poolside, on a golf course, a beach, in the snow, in a gym, church, community centre, aquarium, mall....honestly...."Anywhere You Can Imagine."

Client & employee appreciation family nights, business and product awareness, sponsorships, fundraising, entertainment for clubs, organizations, conventions, restaurants, businesses, hotels, camps, transportation companies.... once again, "Anywhere You Can Imagine!"

Outdoor Movie Order Form


Showing movies OUTDOORS has continued to gain popularity over the last several years,
and it has become increasingly affordable.
Let Criterion help you plan your Outdoor event. Call us NOW for more details!

Set Up Assistance
Show Movies in the Park
Show Movies Under the Stars
  • At least three (3) separate 110V 15A receptacles that are accessible within 100 feet of the performance area.
  • Criterion Pictures has two types of movies: those available to the home video market and those available in advance (pre-release titles). Criterion Pictures has the largest selection of pre-release titles in Canada, and currently offer many of its films in advance of the home video date. Please refer to our Release Schedule for exact date details.
  • If you are interested in showing a film that is available to the home video market, the title is available in DVD format. If you are interested in showing a pre-release title, the majority of these films are only available in Pin&Play DVD format.
  • Cost depends upon many variables, such as audience size, equipment requirements, movie choice, etc. Contact one of our sales reps for more information.
  • This depends upon the details of your event. We need to ensure that your movie screening is deemed a non-theatrical venue. Contact one of our sales reps for further clarification.
  • 1 screen
  • 1 high lumen projector
  • 1 high-wattage sound system
  • 4 to 6 speakers
  • 1 Audio Mixer
  • 1 DVD player
  • All travel costs
  • Set-up and removal of all equipment
  • 1-2 projectionist
  • Yes, we do require that a contract be signed by all parties. This is to ensure that all parties are protected and everyone has a clear understanding of the expectations. Our contracts are custom designed to meet the needs of the individual client, however, please click here (PDF) for an example of our agreement.
  • We cannot operate the equipment in inclement weather. It is imperative that the client choose either an indoor venue or an alternative date.
  • There are many options available concerning screen size. Please remember that we can supply both regular screens and inflatable screens.
  • The sound system package depends upon how many viewers are expected to attend the movie event. The larger the audience, the more powerful the system required. We always ensure that sound is excellent!
  • Unfortunately, you should contact the owner of the land on which you intend to show the film. This information varies depending upon what area of Canada you live in.
  • In order to show a movie outdoors, on a large screen to a viewing audience, you must ensure that your movie is equipped with public performance rights. Criterion Pictures is the copyright holder to more than 20,000 feature films, ranging from 1920 classics to pre-release titles. Many of our movies are available in both French and English, and many are also available in airline edited format. Please note, any movie rented, borrowed or purchased from a retail outlet is likely for home use only. These titles cannot be shown in public without first acquiring public performance rights. For more information, please visit: Frequently Asked Questions on Public Performance.
  • Believe it or not, not much at all! Criterion can help you every step of the way. We supply everything (movie, public performance rights, projector, sound system, projectionist, set up and removal of all equipment, etc)! Criterion has been doing outdoor shows for more than 15 years and is involved in more than 300 outdoor shows per summer.
  • This depends upon your particular event. In general, we do not allow advertising as our events are non-theatrical, however special permission can be granted if the right criteria are met. It is best to speak directly with a sales agent with regards to this subject.
  • Absolutely, however your costs will likely be higher. Criterion has many equipment companies that it currently does business with. If they cannot help you, Criterion will find one that will!